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The Subito Cotto MINI is a refractory gas pizza oven, fully portable, and weighing less than 45 kg. It has an inside diameter of 40 cm and reaches a temperature of 450° C in just 20 minutes. The MINI is ideal for baking pizza and can be placed either in the house or outside, in the garden, in a balcony, or on a terrace.
Thanks to the refractory dome, the oven, even when switched off, keeps the heat inside and can cook many dishes including; meat, fish, bread, vegetables, and sweets. The oven is supplied with a gas burner produced in Italy, compatible with traditional GAS, Propane/GPL or Methane.
The Subito Cotto MINI is completely hand-crafted in a factory in Italy, with the highest quality materials and accessories.



features, dimensions & Weight

  • Fully Portable

  • Indoor & Outdoor

  • 100% Made in Italy

  • 20 Minute Heating Time

  • Ideal For; Pizza, Meat, Fish, Bread, Vegetables, and Sweets.

  • Gas Burner Supplied

  • Diameter: 40 cm

  • Weight: 45 kg

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Pictured Above: Oven Dimensions Elevations.


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