Pork Belly


  • 1kg piece of pork belly (skin scored by the butcher)

  • Salt

  • Apple cider vinegar

  • ½ bunch rosemary

  • Parsley roughly chopped

  • Sage roughly chopped

  • ½ bulb sliced garlic


  • Oven temp 280 degrees – 300 degrees low-medium flame     

  • Dry your pork belly with a paper towel, rub skin side with salt & let rest overnight

  • Place pork belly on your chopping board, wipe off excess salt add 3 Tbls of apple cider vinegar to the skin side only

  • On the meat side of your pork massage olive oil, salt & pepper then you're going to make a crust on the same side with your herb-garlic mixture by pressing it into the meat

  • Add a piece of non-stick baking paper to a frying pan as big as your piece of pork, add a drizzle of olive oil to the paper and add your pork skin side down & add your pan to the oven, let cook until the skin has become crispy

  • Once you have turned your pork & skin is now side up, cover with baking paper & then foil and cook for one hour

  • Check your pork - if it's tender it's ready, if not continue cooking for a further 20min until tender

  • For the last portion of the cooking, throw a small log or kindling on your fire to make a flame, then remove the foil and let the pork skin crisp up. Keep an eye out - it can burn very quickly

  • Once crispy let rest under same foil & tea towels for 20min, then enjoy