Korean Style Wood Fried Chicken


  • 500g Chicken drumsticks

  • Japanese Siracha sauce

  • Potato starch

  • Fried shallots

  • Fresh coriander

  • Peanut oil for frying


  • Oven temp 280 degrees - a small flame

  • Marinate your chicken in your sriracha sauce & leave in the fridge for at least 24hrs

  • Take chicken & place in a plastic freezer bag with enough potato starch to coat each piece

  • Warm in a heavy bottom pan 2cm of peanut oil close to the opening of the oven

  • When the oil is hot add chicken pieces one at a time and place back in the oven

  • Turn chicken after 10min or when golden brown, cook for further 10 min remove from oil and rest chicken under foil for 5min

  • To plate place chicken on plate finishing with fresh coriander leaves & crispy shallots

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