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How long will the oven take to heat up before I can cook a pizza?

The question most people ask. Our light weight ovens, Giotto and the Jamie Oliver Leggero range can take between 30 minutes - 45 minute to achieve 300° degrees Celsius . The heavy duty ovens such as the Michelangelo can take between  1 hour to 2 hours to reach 300° degrees Celsius.


Why am I getting lots of black smoke?

One reason for black smoke is the high level of moisture in your firewood. ideal moisture to achieve not much smoke would be between 8% to 15%.


How do I put the fire out?

The ovens are suitable to let the fire go out by itself. please never use water to EXTINGUISH a fire in an oven.


Is this oven only good for cooking pizza?

a wood fire oven is used for all types of cooking - Meat, fish, vegetables, pasta. head to our wood-fired recipes page for inspiration.


Is the oven weather proof?

Our ovens are designed to be outdoor so they are suitable for all weather.


Can I paint my oven a different colour?

Our Giotto range are painted by our professional team which use a drying oven - all other models are suitable to painted. please liaise with us for support.


If I haven’t used my oven for a while, will it still be okay to use?

All ovens collect moisture if they haven’t been used regularly. We recommend to start them with a little fire for a little while before using.