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A Real Roman Oven for a Real Roman Pizza

To cook an authentic Roman pizza, you need an authentic Roman oven. Designed and built in Italy by the Castelli family, the Castelli Forni range of artisanal electric pizza ovens combine Roman tradition with state of the art modern design.

Founder Guido Castelli built his first oven more than 50 years ago. While the technology has advanced, the passion remains the same. Today, the Castelli family still designs, assembles and tests all ovens in-house from their facility in Rome.

Castelli ovens are built for maximum heat retention, uniform heat distribution and precise cooking control – everything you need for baking classic Roman style “pizza al taglio.”

Polito is proud to be Australia’s sole distributor of the Castelli Forni range of electric pizza ovens.

Designed to hold the high amounts of heat energy required to bake the high hydration Roman pizza dough, Castelli Forni ovens are used throughout Rome’s most famous pizzerias. The celebrated Italian pizzaiolo Gabriele Bonci uses only Castelli Forni ovens in his Rome and US restaurants.

The Castelli family understands how vital the fundamental role of baking is to pizza making. That’s why the ovens are designed to provide precise control over the optimal baking environment. Operational benefits include:

  • Uniform heat distribution
  • High-strength heating to quickly reach set temperature
  • Precision heat flow control
  • Precise balancing and differentiated control of heat supply methods (convection, radiation, conduction)
  • Energy efficient
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Simple and easy to use controls
  • Low maintenance
  • Strong and durable construction